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Coffee-bean mentality / Koffie-boon mentaliteit

What shows when you are under pressure?

More Answers!

The wonder of crises and change is that it forces one to ask questions and wrestle with things, that you under normal circumstances would not do.

The story is told of the egg, the potato and the coffee bean. The egg was put in the water and, as the water started to boil, it got harder. The potato was put in the water and, as the water started to boil, it became softer. The coffee bean was put in the water and, as the water started to boil, it released the coffee flavor and the water turned into coffee. At the same time, the wonderful flavor spread through-out the whole house.

Crises, challenges, hardships, wrestling etc. has different effects on every person who has to fight his way through it. Some become hard and bitter. Others become soft and give up. Then there are those who see it as an opportunity to spread their fragrance.

“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person – he believed in me.” -Jim Valano-

In the tough and turbulent times of life, the encouragement and emotional support we are getting from the people around us, is of the utmost importance. It’s almost like running Comrades (Famous 89 Km Ultra marathon race in South Africa) When you hit the wall, somewhere after 60 km’s, it’s often the moral support of the fellow athletes that helps you to break through that wall and to see the winning post behind the aches and pains. They are the ones who prevents your hurting from becoming the ruler.

“You must welcome change as the rule but not as your ruler.” -Dennis Waitley-

As I’ve said last week, I’m going to answer a few more questions this week in regard with the ministry I’m currently in. Questions like,

• What is an Internet ministry?

• What about your Counselling practice?

• Are you available for other performances as well?

• Are you still singing?

• How are you going to generate an income?

What is an Internet ministry?

Currently we, (me and my eldest daughter) are wrestling to get all the Platforms in place, that we are going to use. For those who don’t understand the Cyber language, Platforms are the places where you load all the things that are going to be sold and made available to people. These are basically shops that need to be opened on the Internet. It’s like a big shopping mall. Instead of opening your own mall or store, you use existing stores where you can display your products in a special corner that was allocated to you. So, there will be a Platform for all the products, CDs (4), DVD courses (2), Books, Recordings, Series etc. as well as others for all the services that you are providing.

These are the ministries foundations that need to be dug. First you have to get your corner in order, with all the shelves and everything you’re going to need to display your products on etc. Then these stores need to be populated and stocked with all your products. So, all the stock, first need to be loaded onto the different Platforms. Currently this is one of our biggest challenges, seeing that our Internet connections are very slow and unreliable. Once all the Platforms have been stocked, people then can purchase and download all the products directly from the Internet.

One of the platforms we are currently looking at, is for Webinars. This is a Platform where we are going to chat and talk about relevant topics of interest. The one we have in mind, can have about 100 live participants and 1000 people listening. We also plan to get a panel of experts on certain topics who can help to stimulate the talks.

Furthermore, we are also looking at a Platform on which you can listen to “sermons” on a more regular and live basis (live streaming). Due to the fact that you need a very fast Internet line we have not as yet implement it. Currently we are recording it, before posting it. For now, we are planning to post a recorded teaching for you every second week.

You can view the past Sunday’s talk on;

We also plan to hold a quarterly meeting every three months (initially), at a suitable venue, for all the followers of our Fanpage and all the people that are listening to our daily devotionals. It will be an informal meeting where we will get to know one another better and just celebrate our love for the Lord.

What about your Counselling practice?

Since the beginning of the year, I have started to operate a consulting room again. There are different categories of consultations that I am currently available for.

Counseling (Crisis intervention)

Marriage counseling, Crisis counseling, Personal counseling etc. (Crisis intervention) Usually this is at least one session per week with consecutive weekly sessions and later monthly monitoring sessions.


Mentoring is amongst others, speaking to someone who helps you to look objectively at yourself under the guidance of the Spirit. It is not “problem” driven  and is non-directive. The purpose is to gain better insight and understanding into your own personal dynamics, to enable you to become the best version of yourself. In short, it can be summarized as, “spiritual guidance.” Initially twice a month and then later once a month.

“Life Coaching”

In Life coaching we embark on discovering practical means, that suites your unique personality best, to optimize your life experience and success factor. We address things like discovering and formulating your core values, prioritizing, time-management, identifying time thieves, strategic life planning, finding balance, change restrictors etc. Initially weekly sessions, then every two weeks, and then once a month.

If you are interested in any form of Counseling as mentioned above, please feel free to contact me for more details at; 

Contact page

Are you available for other performances as well?

Presentation of courses etc.

Currently, we are doing a course on Peter Scazzero’s book; “Emotionally Healthy Spirituality.” Anyone is welcome to attend our meetings on Tuesday evenings at 19h00 at Panorama Retirement Village in Krugersdorp. If you are interested, you are more than welcome to contact me on the link below.

Contact page

I also provide courses, emotional support and guidance for the staff at schools, corporate businesses, etc.

I also present tailor-made courses according to your specific needs countrywide on request.

Ministering in churches etc.

I am “officially” still a minister and conduct services in any congregation to which I am invited. I am also regularly invited for Pentecost Series, Week of Prayer, and other occasions. All these services and presentations are being done with Word and Music (Singing).

Other performances

I also perform at Schools, Retirement Homes, Women’s events, Fundraising events, etc. Usually it is done in a nice light mood with lots of humor, food for thought and good music.

Corporate support

By the grace of the Lord I am fairly fluent in English and was privileged to develop a new concept within the corporate world namely; “Sustainable motivation”. I also specialized in leadership development, strategic planning, cross-cultural collaboration, etc.

Are you still singing?

Indeed, I still do the singing-thing. During all the shows, presentations I alternate with singing, music and warm-hearted wisdom and teaching. All the CD’s and other products will soon be available on the online shop. We’ll keep you posted.

During the past few years in fulltime ministry I didn’t get much time to write new songs, and the Lord impressed it very strongly on my heart to start composing again. So, just be patient, there are some beautiful songs coming your way.

How are you going to generate an income?

At this stage, I “survive” with the package I was offered as well as the financial support of a few people. Many people think that I get paid for the daily devotionals etc. Unfortunately, not! It’s a “service” that I offer, 100% free of charge and for which, I get no payment at all. We also want to keep it that way. Furthermore, many people also think that there are lots of people who currently support us financially.

The reality is that the people who support us financially at this stage are just a handful of people. If you are one of them, I would like to thank you again for your willingness to invest in the kingdom of God, in this way.

We trust our heavenly Father to raise up people who are willing to support this ministry as members. We are planning two types of supporters.

1. Members (R20 per month)

These are people who believe in the ministry and who want to help us to expand the ministry. Also, to enable us to keep on offering the daily devotionals for free.

2. Sojourners / Co-travelers (R100 per month).

These are the people who believe in our ministry and who want to assist us  to expand our existing services and fulfill God’s dream for our ministry. In addition to the Free Products of Life Light, they also receive special discounts on products and other benefits (15 min Audio per week on relevant topics etc.)

If you are interested in becoming a supporter, just send me an E-mail and I will send you all the details.

Contact page

If there are any questions I have not answered, you are more than welcome to contact me as well.

Contact page

Bags full of our Fathers’ blessings for you and, thank you very much again for your support, care, love and prayers. I appreciate it very much. I will try my best to become the best Coffee Bean I can be, to release God’s awesome fragrances through this ministry.




Wat wys as jy onder druk is?

Nog antwoorde

Die wonder van krisisse en verandering, is dat dit ‘n mens dwing om vrae te vra en dinge deur te worstel wat jy nie onder normale omstandighede sou doen nie! 

Die verhaal word vertel van die eier, die aartappel en die koffieboon. Die eier is in die water gesit en soos wat dit begin kook het, het dit al hoe harder geword. Die aartappel is in die water gesit en soos wat die water begin kook het, het dit al hoe sagter geword. Die koffieboon is in die water gesit en soos wat die water begin kook het, het dit al hoe meer die koffie-geur vrygestel en die water verander in koffie. Terselfdertyd het dit ‘n heerlike geur versprei.

Krisisse, seer, swaarkry, stoei ens. het ook verskillende uitwerking op elke mens wat deur dit moet worstel. Party word hard en bitter. Ander word sag en gee op. Dan is daar ook die wat dit sien as ‘n geleentheid om hul geur te versprei. Watter een is jy? 

“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person – he believed in me.”-Jim Valano-

In die noute tye van die lewe is die aanmoediging en emosionele ondersteuning wat ander mense bied van die grootste belang. Dis soos wanneer mense op Comrades jou so deur daardie muur praat wat jy so na 60 km slaan. Dis daardie ondersteuning wat jou help om die wenpaal agter die seer te kan sien. Dis hulle wat keer dat die seer die “ruler” word.

“You must welcome change as the rule but not as your ruler.” -Dennis Waitley-

Nou vandag gaan ek probeer om nog ‘n paar van die algemene vrae te antwoord wat ek gevra word. Vrae soos,

  • Hoe werk ‘n Internet bediening?
  • Wat van jou Spreekkamerwerk?
  • Doen jy ander optredes?
  • Sing jy nog?
  • Hoe gaan jy aan die lewe bly? (Inkomste genereer?)

Hoe werk ‘n Internet bediening?

Tans is ons (Ek en my oudste dogter) aan die stoei met al die Platforms wat gebruik gaan word. Nou vir die wat die taal nie so mooi verstaan nie, Platforms is die plekke waar jy al die goed kan laai wat verkoop en beskikbaar gestel moet word. Dit is basies winkels wat op die Internet oopgemaak moet word. In plaas daarvan dat jy jou eie winkel oopmaak, gebruik jy bestaande winkels waarop jy jou produkte in ‘n spesiale hoekie, wat hulle vir jou gee, kan uitstal. So, daar gaan ‘n Forum wees vir al die produkte, CD’s (4), DVD kursusse (2), Boeke, Opnames, Reekse ens. Dit is alles produkte wat te koop aangebied gaan word. 

Dit is die fondamente wat gegrawe moet word, want voordat die produkte verkoop kan word, moet dit eers op die Forums gelaai word aangesien al die produkte direk van die Internet afgelaai sal kan word. So, alles moet eers voorberei word vir die Internet en dan kom die “uitdaging” om dit alles te moet oplaai (“upload”) op die Internet.

Dan gaan daar ook ‘n Platform wees vir Webinaars. Dit is waar ons lekker gaan saam gesels en kuier oor relvante onderwerpe. Die een wat ons in gedagte het, kan ongeveer 100 lewendige deelnemers hê en 1000 mense wat inluister. Ons beplan ook om ‘n Paneel van kundige mense in te kry wat kan help om die gesprekke te stimuleer.

Verder is ons ook besig om ‘n Platform te bou waarop jy op ‘n meer gereelde basis na “preke” direk kan luister (live stream). Die gelol op die stadium is dat ons Internet in Suid-Afrika nie baie vining en konstant is nie, so ons sal vir eers maar die “preke” moet opneem tot tyd en wyl ons die Internet uitgesorteer het. Ons het die Sondag wat verby is daarmee begin. Ons gaan dit aanvanklik net eers elke tweede Sondag doen en later dan elke Sondag.

Dan beplan ons ook om so een Sondag per kwartaal (aanvanklik) ‘n samekoms op ‘n plek te hou waar almal wat na die Dagstukkies en preke luister sommer lekker saam gaan “Fellowship”. Mekaar beter gaan leer ken en sommer ons gemene deler, ons liefde vir God gaan vier.

Doen jy nog spreekkamer werk?

Sedert Desembermaand 2018 bedryf ek weer ’n voltydse spreekkamer. Daar is verskillende kategorieë van sessies wat ek doen.


– Huweliksberading, Krissisberading, Persoonlike berading ens. (Vasgedraaide stories en lewensprobleme) Dit is meestal waar dinge begin om uit mekaar te val as gevolg van ernstige probleme. Gewoonlik is dit ten minste een sessie per week met opeenvolgende weeklikse sessies en later dan maandelikse monitering sessies.


‘n Oor wat hoor en waar jy die geleentheid gebied word om so bietjie uit jouself te klim en om saam met iemand na jouself te kyk, onder leiding van die Gees. Dit is nie “probleem” gedrewe nie en is meer ‘n geleentheid om beter insig in jou eie menswees te kry en om sodoende die beste jy te kan word. In kort kan dit mooi saamgevat word onder, “geestelike begeleiding.” Aanvanklik twee maal per maand en dan later een maal per maand.


Hier gaan ons saam op soek na beter praktiese planne vir jou alledaagse lewe. Dit gaan oor effektiwiteit, strategiese beplanning, prioritisering, tydsbesteding, vind van balans, identifisering van tyds-diewe, kettings aan die voete ens. Aanvanklik weeklikse sessies, dan twee weekliks en dan een maal per maand.

Indien jy sou belangstel in enige vorm van Berading soos hierbo genoem, is jy meer as welkom om my te kontak vir meer detail by; Contact bladsy

Doen jy nog ander optredes?

Aanbied van kursusse

Tans stap ons ‘n pad met ‘n groep wat ons “Dieper na Binne” noem waar ons saam gesels en deel rondom Peter Scazzero se boek; “Emotionally Healthy Spirituality.” Ons vegader Dinsdagaande om 07h00 by Panorama aftreeoord in Krugersdorp en indien jy sou belangstel om saam te kom groei, is jy meer as welkom om my te kontak op die Contact bladsyvan die LiveLight Webwerf.

Ek doen ook emosionele ondersteuning en begeleiding van Personeelkorpse by skole, korporatiewe besighede ens.

Hierdie en baie ander kursusse word ook landswyd deur my, op versoek, in ander gemeentes en geloofsgemeenskappe aangebied.

Waarneem van eredienste

Ek is “amptelik” nog steeds ‘n predikant en neem dienste waar in enige gemeente waarheen ek genooi word. Ek word ook gereeld genooi vir Pinkster reekse, Week van Gebed, asook ander geleenthede. Al hierdie Eredienste en aanbiedings word met Woord en musiek (Sang) gedoen. 

Ander optredes

Ek doen ook optredes by Skole, Tehuise vir bejaardes, Damesoggende, Fondsinsamelings geleenthede, ens. Dit word in ‘n lekker ligte luim met baie humor, pitkos en musiek gedoen.

Korporatiewe ondersteuning

Ek is deur die genade van die Here redelik vlot tweetalig en was bevoorreg om ‘n nuwe konsep binne die Korporatiewe wêreld te ontwikkel naamlik; “sustainable motivation”. Verder het ek ook gespesialiseer in leierskap ontwikkeling, strategiese beplanning, Kruis-kulturele samewerking, ens.

Sing jy nog?

Inderdaad doen ons nog die sing-ding. Tydens al die optredes word die aanbiedings afgewissel met sang, musiek en warm-hartklop dinge. Ons gaan ook so gou as wat die aanlyn-winkel op die been is begin om al die CD’s ernstig te bemark. Ons sal julle op hoogte hou. 

Ek het baie lank laas gekomponeer en Pappa-Vader het juis gewys dat dit een van die dinge is wat moet afgestof word en weer moet begin gebeur. So, gee kans daar is mooi en groot dinge aan die kom.

Hoe gaan jy inkomste genereer?

Op hierdie stadium “oorleef” ek met die pakket wat ek gekry het asook die finansiële ondersteuning van ‘n paar mense. Baie mense dink dat ek betaling kry vir die Dagstukkies ens. Ongelukkig nie! Dis ‘n “diens” wat ek 100% gratis doen en waarvoor ek geen betaling kry nie. Ons wil dit ook graag so hou. Verder dink baie mense ook dat daar verskriklik baie mense is wat ons tans finansieël ondersteun. 

Die realiteit is, dat die persone wat ons finansieël op die stadium ondersteun, net ‘n handjievol mense is. As jy een een van hulle is, wil ek net weer eens baaaaaaie dankiesê vir jou bereidwilligheid om ook op hierdie manier te belê in die koninkryk van God.

Dan vertrou ons ook die Vader, om mense op te rig wat bereid is om as lede (members) hierdie bediening te ondersteun. Ons beplan twee tipes ondersteuners.

1. Lede (R20 per maand) 

Dit is mense wat glo in die bediening en wat ons wil help om die bediening uit te brei en om aan te kan hou om bv. die Dagstukkies ens. gratis te kan aanbied. 

2. Mede resigers (R100 per maand).

Dit is mense wat ook glo in die bediening en wat wil help dat ons, ons bestaande dienste kan uitbrei en God se drome vir die bediening kan waarmaak. Bo en behalwe die Gratis produkte van Lewe Lig, kry hulle ook spesiale afslag op produkte en ander voordele (bv. 15 min Audio per week oor lekker-luister onderwerpe ens.)

Indien jy belangstel om ‘n ondersteuner te word kan jy ook net vir my ‘n E-Pos stuur, dan stuur ek vir jou al die besonderhede. 

Contact bladsy

Indien daar nog enige vrae is wat ek nie beantwoord het nie, is jy meer as welkom om my te kontak en dit te vra.

Contact bladsy

Sakke vol seën vir jou en nogmaals, ontsettend baie dankie vir jou ondersteuning, omgee, liefde en gebede. Dit word verskriklik baie waardeer. Ek sal my allerbeste probeer om die Koffieboon te wees en God se geure vry te stel.



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